Celebration Cakes

Taste as good as they look!

Now that we have settled in to our new digs, we have re-opened our books for orders for our crazy delicious celebration cakes. From a classic Vicky Sponge, to a heavenly Biscoff Caramel Cake you just wanna stick your face in, to a funky, colourful drip cake topped your favourite treats and sprinkles from our ever growing collection....we do love a bit of colour here! Take peek at the photos below, or on our social media pages for some inspo. 

Prices start at £30 for one of our 6" simple counter bakes, £40 for a 8" and from £45 for our drip cakes which come in various sizes.

Please call or stop by the shop for more info or to check availability. We are not taking orders online at this time.